Updating CHIME Input Parameters Based on New COVID-19 Regional Observations

Mar 24, 2020

Last week, we began forecasting the potential levels of demand for hospital resources that could result from the outbreak with COVID-19. The timing of this forecasting effort coincided within two days of the admission of the first COVID-19 patient into the UPenn health system. Since we didn’t yet have many data points for the model, we instead set parameters from regional reports and various publications. Now that a little over a week has passed, we...

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CHIME 0.5.0 released with major updates

Mar 23, 2020

What was fixed Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis forces us to move quickly and one downside of moving quickly is it’s easier to make mistakes. Our latest release of CHIME contains a major bug fix to the way we were calculating daily admissions and census. In the previous version of CHIME, we were not properly accounting for recovered (previously infected) patients in our accounting of newly admitted patients. This was resulting in an undercount of admissions...

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CHIME comparison with Imperial College COVID-19 Publication

Mar 18, 2020

A few days ago we launched CHIME, a tool for COVID-19 hospital capacity planning. CHIME’s simplified model design and interface enables quick support for hospital planners to assess potential demand for resources over time. It also allows transparent and understandable parameters for our partners to interrogate and modify as more information becomes available. The recent paper from Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team gives us a window into another model, set of assumptions, and resulting projections....

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Announcing CHIME, A tool for COVID-19 capacity planning

Mar 14, 2020

As we prepare for the additional demands that the COVID-19 outbreak will place on our hospital system, our operational leaders need up-to-date projections of what additional resources will be required. Informed estimates of how many patients will need hospitalization, ICU beds, and mechanical ventilation over the coming days and weeks will be crucial inputs to readiness responses and mitigation strategies. To this end, the Predictive Healthcare team at Penn Medicine has developed a tool that...

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What does 'data quality' mean in Healthcare?

Feb 13, 2020

Everyone wants quality data. Healthcare is no different. However, over time our team has come to notice that there are some ways in which data may be considered no bueno that feel particular (at least in part) to the healthcare setting. In healthcare, clinicians need to make complex decisions based on a vast array of data from multiple sources. Thankfully for patients, clinicians are perennially skeptical when it comes to the quality of every data...

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